Nov 29, 2019

7 Critical Marketing Mistakes You Want To Avoid


arketing is the various methods and course of actions you take concerning the buying or selling of your business's products or services. If you are just starting out, you may not be using the best practices for yielding optimal marketing results but that is precisely why we composed this article for you. Let us get to it - here's seven marketing mistakes you want to avoid.

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1. Not Planning Out Your Marketing Strategy  

One of the easiest mistakes you can initially make is failing to construct your marketing strategy. When it comes to business, there are not many avenues you want to jump into without first making a plan; and that unquestionably applies to marketing. Here is a basic 5 - Step Outline to follow each time a new strategy is needed:

I. Situation Analysis (SWOT)

II. Customer Avatar

III. Competition Analysis

IV. Goals

V. Budget

Without first planning out a marketing strategy you will presumably waste time and money by marketing with little to no success. In contrast, starting with a strategy (and thus researching and fully understanding your company’s current positioning) facilitates the process of marketing successfully.

Download a complimentary SWOT Analysis Chart at the end of this article.

2. Marketing Outside Of Your Audience   

A monumental error in business is marketing outside your audience. Spending resources on uninterested parties leads to unmet goals and wasted time. It is imperative to apprehend who your ideal customer is. These are consumers who your services and products serve a purpose to. It is more cost-effective to only market to those who are likely to find value in your business. Completing your customer avatar will help identify your ideal consumer.

3. Not Having the Right Tools   

Running a business can easily become overwhelming. The sheer amount of data and management needed alone can drive someone insane. Not only should you know the best marketing practices, but you will find it beneficial to use tools and services that optimize your processes. Luckily, entrepreneurs have been inventing various solutions needed for these tasks for decades now. This will allow more time thinking critically and developing your business rather than spend excessive time managing your data.


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4. Disregarding Your Competitors  

Your competitors are the other businesses offering similar products and services in your niche. Believe it or not, having some competition is a good thing. Competition initially indicates there is an audience for your business and competing helps drive revenue. Now why not just disregard these competitors? 

I. In order to stand out you need to know what your competitors offer and how

II. If your competitors are more successful than you, you can gain insight on what works in your niche

III. If competitors are not doing as well or have been in this niche longer than you - you can discover and avoid what does not work in your niche

Completing a situation analysis of your competition will help assess any helpful tactics you can use to your advantage.

5. Publishing Content That Is Not Aesthetically Pleasing  

Visuals play a pivotal role in marketing. Us humans are visual by nature with brains capable of processing images 60,000 times faster than text. This phenomenon probably explains why around 80 percent of consumers have a more memorable experience with graphics while only 20 percent remember what they have read. On that premise, you are more likely to generate greater results when your marketing material is visually appealing with less text. Since 80 percent of your viewers will probably remember this content it is also important to ensure it is visually pleasing. Always try to make a good first impression. There are various guides you can follow to check if your content is aesthetically pleasing, we dedicate an entire lesson to it in our Rocket Affiliate Program.

6. Being Averse To Adapting   

Lacking the ability to adjust your business practices for new conditions can be the difference between success and failure. Marketing is dynamic, failing to stay up to date with the most effective methods can jeopardize your ability to sustain your position in your niche. Your best option is to stay open to change. Always be aware of what is happening in your market. This will equip you with the needed time to assess these new practices and implement calculated changes if need be.


7. Failing To Be Optimized For Mobile Devices  

If you have a website then you probably noticed 70 percent or more of your website views have taken place on a mobile device. With that said, not having mobile friendly content will almost guarantee a potential loss of 50 percent or more of your business. Some web services are navigating to being developed as "mobile first". Mobile first means the content has been developed for a mobile sized device and scales larger. This is opposed to developing your content for a desktop and scaling this work down to fitting mobile screens. Once you research your audience you will have the ability to determine which path is best for you.