Oct 27, 2019

INSIDE LOOK: What Facebook Uses To Get You More Conversions And How It Works


rying to identify which advertisement service to use? Not really sure how ads or their platforms work? Facebook is one of the top advertising networks in the world today and has taken things a step further by utilizing machine learning to blast your content into more conversions.

Six Figure Mavericks Inside look facebook uses to get more conversions


Static Ads Versus Responsive Ads   

Static advertisements are what advertisers have used since the beginning of the internet. They are considered static because the advertisements are fixed, and their sizes are unchanging. This simply means anyone who sees this advertisement, no matter what size screen they are using, will see the same size ad on any screen size. 

Like responsive websites, responsive advertisements automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit available advertising space. Hence, the same advertisement will adjust to be optimally displayed on: a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. The advertisement transforms its smaller images and text – scaling to fit larger screens and vice versa. Starting October 2019, Facebook launched the ability to create responsive advertisements on its platform. This eliminated the need to create multiple advertisements of the same information but for different advertising space which saves time and money. It's also can lead to higher conversions because you have now improved the user’s experience which translates to a more positive and easy interaction with the advertisement, making a better impression. 

Six Figure Mavericks Responsive ads

What Exactly Is Machine Learning, And How Does Facebook Responsive Ads Implement It?  

Facebook’s machine learning makes using responsive advertisements possible. They have cut out all of the tedious work of creating several advertisement copies, testing your advertisements for even longer periods of time, and extended consumer research. 

machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. - expertsystem.com 

So how does this magic work? In Facebook’s ad creator, you will be given the option to create a responsive advertisement or a multiple text optimization advertisement. It will then prompt you to fill in your primary, headline, and description text. Adding more than one in each category, including in the media section is where this machine learning comes into play. Their AI now has its different options that you provided and will create advertisements out of different combinations of said text and media. 

Say you have the following titles to work with:

  1. Learn how Facebook advertising works
  2. Take an in-depth look into Facebook's advertising AI
  3. Wonder how Facebook advertisements boost conversions?

With non-responsive advertisements, this could be near impossible and would require multiple advertisements because such different audiences would appeal to each. That is why machine learning is a game changer. It’ll display title (1) to beginner audiences, (2) to well versed individuals and (3) for the curious. See how you just expanded your reach without compromising?