Jul 19, 2019

Rocket Affiliate Program Recap: Social Media vs Display vs Search Engine Ads


aid advertisements are among the most efficient methods of marketing. For those still figuring out their advertising options, it is important to be capable of differentiating the three most used formats.


Social Media Advertisements   

Social media has become the center point for many people in our society. The amount of active users, time spent, and data collected, makes social media a hot spot for advertisers. Information gathered about the users makes websites like Facebook or Twitter highly effective for advertisers whose campaigns are set up correctly.



Cost Effective

Social media advertising is usually built on the pay per click cost structure. It is an efficient method because you can choose to pay for the advertisement solely for those who have clicked on it. This means you are not spending on views of uninterested parties.

Visually Integrated

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have realized the more advertisements blend in with the sites flow of content, the more engagement you are likely to receive.




By now, many people have realized the potential of advertising on social media. There has been a huge influx of companies advertising on these platforms. So much so that the recent pull of over 40 major brands to cut back or stop advertising on Facebook will


Search Engine Advertisements

In this day and age, most people direct their queries straight to an online search engine. This has become the fastest method of researching as well as the easiest to use. Advertising on these platforms is usually based around keywords/phrases that you bid for. This is what makes this paid advertising format so efficient – bidding for phrases an interested party may directly search for, translates to more successful leads generated.



Visually Integrated

Search engines like Google have continuously modified the appearance of advertisements in search results. Now Google advertisements are the same color background as organic results and the advertisement indicator which simply reads “advertisement” traded its colored background for a transparent one. These revisions have

Ad block Resistant  

Advertisements ran on search engines are classified as obtrusive. By default, adblock services do not restrict search engine ads and studies have shown people do not tend to change this setting.




Search engine advertisements are almost the opposite of display advertisements in terms of available space. As you may have noticed, your search usually provides a few sponsored results followed by organic ones. This limits the amount of advertisements that can be displayed for key phrases.

High Cost  

The competition created by the limited advertisement space increases the demand for each keyword or phrase. In doing so, the bidding cost for each increases as well. Other increases in cost can come from bidding on a phrase or word with a high search volume or

Display Advertisements

Display advertisements are one of the first forms of paid advertising to develop. This has been the go-to method for increasing brand recognition. Since there are billions of websites, there are billions of possible advertisement spaces spread across the internet. However, since it has been around for so long, people may overlook these advertisements.




Another perk for being around so long - the application and processing for setting up a display advertisement has become quick and virtually hassle free.  




Unlike search engine advertisements, display advertisements are classified as intrusive and therefore will not be shown if the viewer has an ad block enabled. Some websites kindly ask users to disable the Adblock via a pop up notifying that showing advertisements is a method for them to generate revenue.

Near Impenetrable Premium Space  

One downside of display advertisements is the difficulty of leveraging premium advertising spaces. Since this method is so old, industry leading companies have been able to “secure” advertising spots on top high traffic websites.


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