Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Welcome to Six Figure Mavericks
  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • Chapter 1 study Guide
  • Assessment Survey
Chapter 2: Deciding Your Perfect Niche
  • How to Pick A Powerful Lasting Niche
  • How to Pick An Ecommerce Niche
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your niche
  • Quiz
  • Chapter 2 Study Guide
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Business
  • Deciding & registering your domain
  • How To register your business
  • quiz
  • chapter 3 study guide
Chapter 4: Finances
  • budgeting
  • accounting 101
  • assets versus liabilities
  • taxes
  • quiz
  • chapter 4 study guide
Chapter 5: Finding Affiliate Programs
  • affiliate networks
  • top profitable products to promote
  • stim social
  • quiz
  • chapter 5 study guide
Chapter 6: where to place your links
  • e-commerce
  • funnels
  • social media
  • bloggers
  • youtubers
  • quiz
  • chapter 6 study guide
Chapter 7: competition analysis
  • vid iQ
  • keyword research
  • chapter 7 study guide
  • bloggers
  • youtubers
  • quiz
  • chapter 7 study guide
Chapter 8: marketing strategy
  • customer avatar
  • SWOT analysis
  • how to draw in prospects
  • how to close a sale
  • quiz
  • chapter 8 study guide
Chapter 9: visual hacks for your product
  • color Psychology & coordination
  • diction & typography
  • landing page creation
  • how to title your funnel
  • quiz
  • chapter 9 study guide
Chapter 10: marketing tips
  • sales speech 101
  • google analytics
  • facebook insights
  • push notifications
  • remarketing
  • quiz
  • chapter 10 study guide
Chapter 11: free traffic
  • quora
  • forum
  • facebook
  • youtubee
  • blog
  • quiz
  • chapter 11 study guide
Chapter 12: paid traffic
  • search engine ads
  • display ads
  • social media ads
  • quiz
  • chapter 12 study guide
Chapter 13: automation
  • social media
  • email autoresponders
  • billing
  • quiz
  • chapter 13 study guide
Chapter 14: email marketing mastery
  • subscriber retention
  • segmentation
  • behavioral targeting
  • email campaigns for conversions
  • email campaigns for e-commerce
  • email campaigns for bloggers
  • quiz
  • chapter 14 study guide

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